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by posted 05/31/2016
Field Status
Baker Batting Cages - Moon Township OPEN (7/23) 
Baker I - Moon Township OPEN (7/23) 
Baker II - Moon Township OPEN (7/23) 
Devenzio - Moon Township TBD (7/23) 
Devenzio Batting Cages - Moon Township TBD (7/23) 
Galaxy Field - Moon Township TBD (7/23) 
Krane Field - Moon Township TBD (7/23) 
Shouse - Crescent Township TBD (7/23) 
Whispering Woods - Moon Township TBD (7/23) 


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Concession Stand Corner


We are still looking for volunteers to help with each of our stands.

For more information please contact Susie Driscoll at concessionstand@moonbaseball.com

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